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On this page we’ll feature a few great play ideas that will be updated seasonally. Be sure to let us know if you have a great play idea for kids!

Fall Outdoor Play Ideas

1)      Leaf pile jumping – if you live where you must rake leaves each fall, turn the job into a fun “free-for-all” by encouraging the kids to jump into, run through, or toss piles of leaves high in the air. Little ones never tire of this activity! Otherwise, just crunch through the crisp leaves while you’re out walking – there’s something very satisfying about the sound you can make chuffing through the leaves.

2)      Pumpkin rolling (especially for toddlers) – have fun with your little one having them roll heavy pumpkins around the yard (preferably those without stems). They love the “heavy work” involved!

3)      Fall Collections – older preschoolers are drawn to collections, and what better time of year than fall to start collecting acorns, and acorn tops! They can invent games to play with them, sort them, pretend with them, even decorate them if they wish. Younger children love to play “fill and dump” with containers so be sure to take a bucket, basket, or some other portable container with you out walking. (Note: supervise toddlers closely to prevent small items going into their mouths).

4)      Osage Orange basketball – those large, bumpy, yellowish green “ugly” fruits that fall on the ground are Osage Oranges. Gather up a bunch of them and create a makeshift target they can toss them into (laundry basket, pail, yard waste bin, old plant pot, etc.). The older the child the farther they can be from the “basket.”

5)      Hill rolling – find a grassy hill that’s a height that fits your child’s age and abilities and encourage your little person to roll down and climb back up – great workout for little legs and all their sensory systems. Squeals of laughter will be heard!

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